Using practice-based attestation to develop a learning community

by Mike Bain


Te Mata School is one of 16 Hawke’s Bay schools that took part in the Practice-based Attestation (PBA) Project, a pilot set up jointly by NZEI, New Zealand School Trustees Association and the Ministry of Education.

At Te Mata nine teachers moved through the trial process. In his project report principal Mike Bain explains how the opportunity to participate in the project has supported the implementation of teacher inquiry at his school.

Reflective questions

These reflective questions might guide you in your reading of this report:

  • Mike Bain and his staff used three approaches in their trial of evaluating teachers' practice: systematic collection of evidence, support for teachers to demonstrate the effects of their learning, and participation in learning circles. To what extent are these practices in place in your school, and what gains are you making from using them?
  • At Te Mata observing and being observed in focused classroom sessions have become standard practice. What are the important principles and practices that you need to have in place to ensure the safety, comfort and professional progress of teachers using these processes?
  • Mike says that one of the outcomes for him from this trial is that teachers at his school engage with him more closely as the school’s professional leader. In what ways can you develop your role as professional or educational leader in your school?

Download the report as a PDF or Word file:

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