A different practice of accountability

by Kay Tester

Report overview

Principal Kay Tester wanted to establish a way of working in St Brigid's School that would help teachers to articulate what they were doing in their classrooms, why they were doing it and to learn more about the impact of their own practice. The vehicle that has allowed Kay to engage with these aims was The Ariki Project. In this report Kay explains the impact that The Ariki Project has had on her professional practice and that of her staff.

Reflective questions

These reflective questions might guide you in your reading of this report:

  • Kay Tester’s experience with the Ariki Project involved her talking reflectively and critically with other principals about what was happening in their schools. She gained a lot from these groups and decided to replicate them for her own staff within the school. These groups are called Quality Learning Circles. How could you use QLCs in your school to improve the professional learning of your staff, and engage them in problem-solving together?
  • QLCs involve quite strict protocols and ways of working together. They place the initiative for improvement in the hands of teachers themselves. To get this project working well Kay brought in an outside expert, she had experience of working this way herself, and made sure that time was provided for teachers to engage with the process. What things would you need to consider and resource if you introduced QLCs into your school?
  • In the process of engaging in QLCs the principal and teachers in this school considered the extent to which their school goals were having an impact on what was happening in classrooms. What checks and balances do you have that ensure your school’s vision and goals are translating into daily classroom practice and impacting positively on student outcomes?

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