A model for change

by Madeleine East

Report overview

In her project Madeleine East writes about how a team of younger staff led the development of realigning the school’s curriculum delivery with The New Zealand Curriculum. The development group worked with the guidance of the assistant principal. The project looked particularly at ways to move the pedagogy of staff from an outcomes-based to an inquiry-based approach.

Reflective questions

These reflective questions might guide you in your reading of this report:

  • At Farm Cove Intermediate the principal Madeleine East used an inquiry-based approach to look at the effectiveness of the school in terms of raising student outcomes. You can see an overview of the project on page 3 of the report. How could you use the headings in the overview as a basis for an initial meeting with staff to address an issue that currently concerns your school?
  • The success of this project depended on the type of school leadership that existed in the school. For example, distributing leadership, relationships of trust and honesty, critical reflection on the process. With your leadership network (within the school or with other principals) discuss the approach to leadership that you take and how it supports the staff, students and community through times of change. How could you develop your leadership style to encourage staff and others to embark on improvement in your school?
  • Even the best planning for a change project will need revision and possibly amendments as you go along. What processes do you have in place to allow for critical review and reshaping of a project for change in your school?

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