Aspiring leaders

Aspiring leaders need opportunities for professional learning and encouragement to consider taking on the complex, but rewarding role of principal.

New Zealand articles and resources

Using Best Evidence Syntheses to assist in making a bigger difference for diverse learners

by Adrienne Alton-Lee

This paper helps to clarify the background to the New Zealand Ministry of Education's Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) programme, and how it can make a difference in the achievement levels of all learners.

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Other resources

Teacher leaders and reflective practitioners: building the capacity of schools to improve by promoting research and reflection

by Despina Pavlou

In this article, secondary school principal Despina Pavlou presents the story of her own school, which uses action research to create a self-reflective culture to nurture school improvement.

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Rising Stars and Sitting Tenants

by Tony Hayes

This research summary contains the main findings of a National College for School Leadership (NCSL) research study into the issues surrounding the reluctance of many senior managers to take up the role of being a principal in their own right.

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Teachers as learners

by Louise Stoll, Jan McKay and David Kember, and M. Cochrane-Smith and S. Lytle

This page summarises ideas from three classic articles on teacher learning by: Louise Stoll, 1999; Jan McKay and David Kember, 1997; and M. Cochrane-Smith and S. Lytle, 1999. 

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School governance and succession planning: Planning for the leader you need

by Association of Independent Schools of Queensland

This short paper provides sensible strategies for schools to consider to prepare for succession planning. It also raises points about what may stop teachers from applying for leadership positions, including issues of equity, such as gender.

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Small school challenges: learning lessons from small school headteachers

by Amanda Tuck

Aspiring school leaders often contemplate their first movement into principalship via a small school. Amanda Tuck engaged in a significant research project interviewing leaders of small schools to find out their concerns, advantages, and the issues they face.

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