Secondary award recipients 2018

  1. Ashworth, Gael

    Wellington East Girls' College

    Investigate how New Zealand schools are implementing integration and project or problem based learning at the senior level.

  2. Basher, Andrew

    Buller High School

    Attend the Our Boys, Their Future – Learning to Lead conference in Southport Australia. Visit smaller rural schools in NZ and Australia to investigate how to enhance boys' education and achievement in a rural setting and how digital technology is being used to support boys' education and achievement in these settings. Develop an implementation plan for my school to improve the achievement of boys.

  3. Chamberlain, Jo

    Marlborough Girls' College

    Visit ILEs, learning institutes and secondary schools in NZ and Australia to explore the learning pedagogies and practices in their spaces. Align these experiences to current research to develop my learning and our team's vision for the new school – co-location of Marlborough Girls' and Boys Colleges' in 2021.

  4. Chamberlain, Martin

    Francis Douglas Memorial College

    Visit our twinned brother school and other affiliated schools in Pakistan to assist them with professional growth and dedicated professional development for teachers. Bring home to our students and staff a picture of the lives of Pakistani children their age to inspire greater global understanding and generosity in our fundraising for our twin school.

  5. Christiansen, Lance

    Central Hawkes Bay College

    Visit Community of Learning, Kāhui Ako leaders and teachers to investigate the process they have been through, the issues they have had, how they have overcome them and what things they perceive are working well.

  6. Edmundson, Dick

    Linwood College

    Research the potential of Positive Education to increase wellbeing for learning at Linwood College and in our Communities of Learning, Kāhui Ako.

  7. England, Andy

    Greymouth High School

    Conduct a literature review and visit examples of learning-focused collaborative ventures and interview stakeholders: students, teachers, principals, expert partners, iwi and industry representatives. Continue to participate in the global dialogue on collaboration (Education Development Trust, UK).

  8. Forbes, Judith

    Bayfield High School

    Visit Auckland based and international schools to look at the teaching of writing skills across the curriculum and the scaffolding of skill development in writing.

  9. Fry, Stacey

    Motueka High School

    Visit schools, research and develop new ways of collecting data and reporting on student achievement to improve student outcomes.

  10. Gibbons, Ally

    Rotorua Girls' High School

    Investigate ways to structure a learning environment that is modern in its shape and design but founded on principles that are culturally relational and responsive as per Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Visit high functioning future-focused MLEs that demonstrate successful examples of raised achievement and critique these learning spaces to inform our growth and strategic direction for the next five years.

  11. Gordon, Marie

    Hamilton Girls' High School

    Attend a global forum on girls' education in Washington, DC, or the Alliance of Girls' Schools conference. Visit a number of girls' schools with a focus on 21st Century learning.

  12. Haines, Scott

    Waimea College

    Investigate curriculum and pedagogy for supporting improvements in NCEA achievement with endorsements for Merit and Excellence; closing the gender and ethnicity gap in academic achievement; and structures for school curriculum self-review that sustain innovation, remain modern, relevant and community focused.

  13. Hassall, Susan

    Hamilton Boys' High School

    Investigate the critical link between relational teaching and success for boys, from those who are gifted to those who are most at risk.

  14. Hay-Mackenzie, Jim

    Flaxmere College

    Research organisational change and change leadership with a specific focus on teaching as inquiry.

  15. Hooper, Andrea

    Opunake High School

    Learn Te Reo Māori to a higher degree and gain a deeper understanding of Tikanga Māori.

  16. Jones, Grant

    Newlands College

    Investigate innovative ways that students can gain NCEA credits and meet our strategic target of 80% student achievement at level two. Visit schools across New Zealand that have similar values, backgrounds and challenges that have now overcome these obstacles.

  17. Kearney, Bruce

    Kaiapoi High School

    Attend a course at Harvard School of Education, Boston: School turnaround leaders. Visit schools in Chicago that have experienced a turn around in performance.

  18. Liddle, Alan

    Te Puke High School

    Develop understanding of new designs for future-focused schools that develop and deliver curricula to enable deep engagement of students in their learning and achievement. Develop capability to communicate more effectively in te reo Māori.

  19. Macleod, David

    Mahurangi College

    Visit schools in New Zealand and Canada to investigate how middle schooling is structured, transitions from primary to middle school, curriculum connections with environment and healthy living, and benefits of collaboration between schools for middle and senior high school students.

  20. Moore, Gary

    Rutherford College

    Research global thinking and future-focused learning capabilities through readings and visits in NZ and Australia. Develop an enhanced student learner capability profile.

  21. O'Leary, Brad

    Nelson College For Girls

    Develop a comprehensive school-wide anti-bullying programme.

  22. Redpath, Pam

    Wairarapa College

    Investigate how Wairarapa College could become a more culturally responsive and relational pedagogy school where Māori students enjoy and achieve educational success as Māori.

  23. Rooney, Christopher

    Liston College

    Assess the impact of teaching and learning in a MLE on student achievement.

  24. Russell, Karen

    Northcote College

    Inquire into the range of practices used in New Zealand intermediate and secondary schools to accelerate the achievement of priority learners.

  25. Savage, Wilfred

    Wellington High School and Com Ed Centre

    Investigate schools' strategies and best practice for developing a culture of engagement with students.

  26. Stone, Kieran

    John Paul II High School

    Investigate change management in 21st Century Catholic secondary schools in Australasia.

  27. Sturch, Robert

    Hastings Boys' High School

    Investigate improving transitions from full primary and intermediate to secondary schools to raise achievement in mathematics, numeracy and writing with a particular focus on Māori and Pacific boys.

  28. Tong, Shane

    St John's College (Hillcrest)

    Investigate the effect of the introduction of flexible, innovative learning spaces or modern learning environments on boys' academic achievement. This will include literature reviews, visiting schools operating under this model and attending a conference in the USA. Gain an insight into best practice to implement in my school and share with other boys' schools in NZ.

  29. Wright, Mike

    South Otago High School

    Review programmes which work alongside schools to engage at risk young people.

  30. Yeatman, Gary

    Awatapu College

    Investigate how to support and improve outcomes for boys, particularly those of Māori and Pasifika descent.