Module 2: Elements of teaching effectiveness

This module for first-time principals covers current research about effective classroom teaching practices that improve student achievement; strategies to identify these practices; and resources to help principals introduce effective practices to their schools.


This module is for principals who would like:

  • access to research about the most influential and effective classroom teaching practices that improve student achievement
  • strategies to identify what teachers know about those practices and whether they are using them in their classrooms
  • resources to help introduce effective teaching practices to their staff.

Using this module

The module includes a video presentation, a background paper, and a case study. Work through the module in your own time. Then find out how you could facilitate a professional learning session with your teaching staff.

Video presentation

The Elements of Teaching Effectiveness - Abode Connect website

  • This video includes a synchronised PowerPoint slideshow. Navigate between slides by selecting a title from the right-hand window. There is a pause at the end of each slide. 
  • Review the PowerPoint presentation on the video presentation so that you are familiar with the content of each slide and its relationship to the text of the background paper.

Background paper 

  • Reading this will help consolidate your understanding of the presentation.

Case study

  • This handout is also used in the staff training session.

Facilitating a professional learning session

There are many ways to use the module resources to stimulate teacher discussion about teaching effectiveness. This accompanying page offers one suggested approach.

Facilitating a professional learning session


Lead author: Professor Graeme Aitken, Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

Assisted by:

  • David Eddy, Executive Director of the Centre for Educational Leadership and former Director, First-time Principals Programme, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland
  • Judy Duncan, Video Producer, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland
  • John Delany, Learning Design Consultant, Inova Limited

Professor Graeme Aitken

Graeme Aitken is Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland.

He was a secondary school teacher for 14 years and a Director of Secondary Teacher Education at the university. Graeme has been involved in research and professional development related to teaching effectiveness for more than 15 years.

Since the inception of the First-time Principals Programme, he has contributed a keynote address and workshop on teaching effectiveness. 

Tags: Professional Learning and Development

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