Peter Gall – Supporting inquiry approaches

Peter Gall describes how as part of the Experienced Principals Development Programme he supported aspiring leaders at Papatoetoe High School to carry out an inquiry project.



One particular one stood out, and was from a Dean within the school who set up a project to look at form class and better engaging students at form time. And so he had (within his particular house) he had four form teachers that he worked closely with on this engagement project. The other form teachers (13 in total) were the control group. And so he set up a programme with those four target teachers and they worked together as a team really. And shared ideas about how they might go about putting some things in place to better engage their students and make their form classes more enjoyable, more exciting places to be in. And that went ahead for a couple (of) terms and did some before and after data and it proved to be very successful.

Inquiry project

This inquiry project from Papatoetoe High School teacher Shane Singe outlines an investigation into student interest and engagement in form classes.

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