Attitudes, values, and ethics

Effective leaders have a central belief system that is focussed on student learning and well-being. They set clear goals, and pursue them to ensure success for all.

New Zealand articles and resources

Effective bicultural leadership: A way to restore harmony at school and avoid suspension

by Mere Berryman and Sonja Bateman

This article describes a incident in which three Māori boys in years 7 and 8 were found experimenting with marijuana during the school day and on the school grounds. It is a short case study with a theoretical analysis.

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What ought I to do, all things considered? An approach to the exploration of ethical problems by teachers

by Alan Hall

This paper is an introduction to exploring ethical issues and problems within the educational context. It includes a brief theoretical framework regarding the importance of taking an ethical approach to solving difficult issues and two compelling case studies from New Zealand schools as examples.

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New Zealand school stories

When beliefs are challenged

A first-time principal encounters a child with major behaviour issues that require immediate action for the safety of the child, other children and the well-being of the child’s teacher.

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Other resources

Formation of capable, influential, and authentic leaders for times of uncertainty

by Patrick Duignan

In this address, Patrick Duignan looks at the moral, ethical, and spiritual side of leadership. It includes case studies showing the realities principals face in making difficult decisions, and practical guidance for thinking through ethical issues that may arise.

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The wounded leader

by Richard Ackerman and Pat Maslin-Ostrowski

This article contains stories of school leaders who have experienced a crisis event in their leadership practice that has profoundly changed their professional growth and development.

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The roar of complexity: A principal’s day is built on fragments of tasks and decisions

by Kent Peters

This article gives an insight into the issues principals deal with on a daily basis, with useful pointers for new principals about understanding a school's character.

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Using stories to shift attitudes: The case of bullying

by Terry Quong and Allan Walker

In this article, the writers discuss how teachers telling stories to each other can be an important path to shifting attitudes and values. They use school bullying as the context.

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